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Equal Rights/Marriage Equality

Synopsis: Equal rights for ALL citizens regardless of Sex

This should be a simple concept - equal rights, equal rights, EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL.

I firmly support our LGBTQIA community and the guarantee of their rights. These are members of our society, our neighbors, our friends, our family - we cannot allow for their rights to be infringed upon.


There have been advances made in recent years, most notably the Obergefell v. Hodges U.S. Supreme Court decision ensuring marriage equality for all. We must continue to work hard to protect these rights and ensure that we never go back to a time where we alienated an entire group of our citizens. 


I will fight to ensure that we protect the LGBTQIA individuals from discrimination in the workplace, public spaces and everywhere else, and that we continue to protect their rights. Discrimination should not be tolerated, and I believe it is Congress' job to ensure we pass and protect legislation reflecting that.    

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