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Use the Anti-Trust Laws

Big business has the power to crush small business. In the early 1900’s we understood this. We came together and we broke up the anti competitive trusts. We understand that when wealth and power are concentrated in too few hands, our democracy suffers.

I will vote to enforce the laws already on the books.

Regulate Big Tech

FAANG stocks -- too much power in the hands of the few

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These companies engage in predatory behavior across their markets. We need to protect our democracy from the wasteland of the Facebook comments section.


Google and Apple know where we are 24 hours a day, we need to protect ourselves from the abuses that data can bring. Big data is the most powerful resource today and these companies have troves of it. 


Amazon is crushing small retailers and toy makers by allowing counterfeiting to proliferate across their platform. 

Go After High Drug Prices

Drug prices should be decreasing every year. That is the march of technology. We need to give medicare the power to negotiate drug prices, and prosecute drug companies that monopolize the production of generics.

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For orphan drugs (drugs developed specifically to treat a rare medical condition) I suggest a non-profit drug consortium funded by the taxpayers. So the lowest margin drugs can be produced at cost. 

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Go After Hospital Monopolies

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We can rein in spiraling healthcare costs if we enforce Robinson-Patman against the insurance and hospital groups. We should force open pricing on the industry. We know it works and we need to ensure that we are fair in delivering it.

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The goal here is to force competition thru the healthcare system at the county level. Elite healthcare should not be reserved for the "elites".

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