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Repeal the Teacher Tax

In the Classroom:

Synopsis: Save and Expand the Educator Expense Tax Deduction

Teachers should be able to fully write their eligible out of pocket costs off. Currently this deduction is:

  • Too small, only $250/year

  • Under attack by the republican elites to give a tax cut to billionaires

We need to save and expand it. Teachers who want to contribute from their own pocket for the education of our children should be rewarded not punished.

In Retirement:

Synopsis: End the Windfall Elimination Provision

We should not punish people for becoming teachers. Currently we cut the lowest earning teachers’ social security benefits in half. We need to scrap this program because it punishes teachers who need to work a second job to make ends meet.


The Mercatus Center at George Mason University calls this the most regressive portion of the U.S. tax code. We should scrap it.

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