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TX CHIP saved my family from medical bankruptcy when I had surgery at 16 years old. Just 5 years later, my father received quality end of life care thanks to the medical coverage provided through my mother’s working-class job.



America is truly the best country in the world. This is why we need to ensure affordable healthcare for all Americans. Healthcare is a basic human right; it should never be a burden on any family.

No one should lose their house or go bankrupt because their spouse or child is diagnosed with cancer. Being able to pay for medical bills shouldn't rely on Go Fund Me donations.

I believe in Medicare for All.

It is estimated that each year America wastes over $100 Billion on the overhead costs of private insurance; this is more than 12 times the operating cost of Medicare (Center for Economic Policy Research). When insurance companies care more about maximizing profits and bonuses for their executives, those who lose out and get saddled with the exorbitant cost of healthcare is the everyday American.



I believe we as a country are inching closer and closer to “Medicare for All”. While this is the long-term goal, in the immediate future, we must work to improve Affordable Care Act (ACA). By increasing access to affordable care and focusing on prevention we would reduce long term costs and increase our productivity and longevity as a nation.



The greatest country in the world should not have a healthcare system with costs so high that its citizens are forced to Uber to the emergency room instead of calling an ambulance. We should not allow our fellow Americans to become financially bankrupt over the cost of healthcare.

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