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Daughter of working class Indian immigrants, Silky is a native Houstonian and a product of everything this great state has to offer. A through and through Texan, Silky graduated from John Foster Dulles High School in 2002, going on to earn two bachelor’s degrees in psychology and sociology right here in our backyard from the University of Houston, and later earned her MBA from the Texas A&M school system. While working towards her MBA, she chose to work as a substitute teacher with HISD to gain a better insight into our public education system.  


Determined to make a positive change after graduating from University of Houston, Silky joined MD Anderson Cancer Center where she worked in cancer research and conducted community outreach programs at LBJ hospital. Silky continued this community outreach work after moving abroad to Southeast Asia where she worked as a primary school substitute teacher, while also working with one of Malaysia’s largest women’s charitable organizations.

Silky and her husband Imran met at Dulles High School; they live in the Houston Montrose area with their two dogs, Athena and Atlas. Read more...


Silky Malik

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I am running for Congress because participation trophies don't cut it. I am tired of my representatives thinking that showing up is enough; they need to be fighting for us. I am running for Congress because not only will I show up but because I am also going to fight. For far too long money and power have had more of a say in how our government works than we do. I am running for Congress because I will fight for our voices to be heard. 

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